Welcome to Tikansskriverier blog!

First, I would like to say thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoy my contents.


As one of the freedom enthusiast, I just felt that many building and property designed with boring style, sorry to say but it’s my opinion. Tikansskriverier is a blog for property and building design fans, you will find many tips, tricks, ideas and news related to the properties.

I want to build a community which is also love to talk about non-ordinary property designs, just want to create a unique blog, that’s it.

Just call me Tikan, I moved to Melbourne, Australia. I like to play a PC game, but I also a designer. Working is fun if you know and love your daily activity. Feel free to contact me and enjoy the unique things here 😀

One more time, I need your input about the home design topic,my knowledge is limited, so I want to hear ideas from others. I waiting for your input guys!